Continuing Education

Continuing Education is an important component of every profession.  ASRA members are required to engage in continuing education programs to regularly expand their professional knowledge and remain current with the developments of the profession. 

Each member must obtain 30 continuing education credits (CEC) within a three-year membership block. Members must also attend at least one ASRA Fall Convention or Spring Seminar within this time frame. CECs may also be earned outside of ASRA events and programs. For ASRA members that hold a membership with the National Court Reporters Association, one (1) NCRA CEU is equivalent to eight (8) ASRA CECs.

To submit a request to recognize CECs obtained outside of ASRA conventions or events, please fill out the CEC verification form and send it with all supporting documentation to

How to Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

Effective May 1, 2023

ActivityCredits AwardedMax. Per Block
ASRA Fall Convention/Seminar12 CECsUnlimited
ASRA Spring Convention/Seminar8 CECsUnlimited
NCRA Conferences8 CECsUnlimited
NCRA Certification Testing5 CECs per completed leg
RPR Exam20 CECs (4 legs)
RMR Exam20 CECs (4 legs)
CRR Exam5 CECs (1 leg)
CRC Exam10 CECs (2 legs)
RDR Exam5 CECs (1 leg)
NCRA-Approved CE Program/Course11 CEC per hourUnlimited
Article Tests1 CEC per test completed at 80% or higher10 CECs
Formal Software Training Instruction (must be approved and related to shorthand reporting)1 CEC per hourUnlimited
CPR and First Aid Courses1 CEC per hour10 CECs
Volunteer Work Related to Shorthand Reporting21 CEC per hour5 CECs
Volunteer Work for a Registered Charity Not Related to Shorthand Reporting1 CEC per hour5 CECs
  1. See Article III. Topics Eligible for CEUs. Proof of completion required. ↩︎
  2. Law Day, open houses, career fairs, formal student mentorship, etc. ↩︎