Communication Access Realtime Translation

CART captioning (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is a word-for-word speech- to-text service that displays complete translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds in order to faithfully communicate the integrity of the message.

CART benefits people who are late-deafened, oral deaf, hard of hearing, or who have cochlear implants. Unlike computerized notetaking or abbreviation systems, which summarize information for consumers, CART provides a complete translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds, empowering consumers to decide for themselves what information is important to them.

Our members use a steno machine, a computer, and realtime software to provide instant speech-to-text translation on a computer monitor or other display for the benefit of an individual consumer or larger group in a variety of settings. A CART captioner’s training in conveying a speaker’s message, complete with environmental cues, makes them sensitive to the varying needs of consumers.