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Certified Shorthand Reporter Membership CSR(A)

After one year as a Participating Member, you may then apply to become a Certified Shorthand Reporter after fulfilling the criteria below. If you have achieved your NCRA Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) designation, you will automatically be accepted without additional waiting time or requirements. Please complete the form below to apply.

  • Provide the ASRA Registrar with a signed and dated letter of recommendation from a court reporting firm owner or supervising court reporter upon one year of practice as a court reporter.

Once you do attain your CSR(A) designation, you really are on your way! With the affordable $125 membership fee, not only will you proudly enjoy the CSR(A) designation, but you can also join your peers in maximizing your earning and learning potential at the semi-annual conferences and seminars hosted by the Association and earn Continuing Education Credits. Attending these professional development sessions ensures that you meet and share experiences with other professionals and learn faster and better ways to succeed in your profession. CSR(A)s must attain 30 Continuing Education Credits in three-year blocks to maintain their CRS(A) designation.

Use of Title

Only a certified shorthand reporter may use the title “Certified Shorthand Reporter (Alberta)” or the abbreviations “CSR(A)” or “C.S.R.(A)”.

Application and fees

An application for registration must be in the form prescribed by the Council and must be accompanied by the fee provided for in the bylaws.

Certified Shorthand Reporter

26(1) A Certified Shorthand Reporter

(a) is entitled to vote at meetings of the Association;
(b) is entitled to nominate or be nominated as President or other member of Council;
(c) may participate in the activities of the Association and receive such other benefits as may be prescribed by the Council from time to time;

(2) A Certified Shorthand Reporter shall pay such fees, dues, or levies as the Council may from time to time determine.

(3) Members of the Association shall report any changes pertaining to bylaw 25 to the Registrar within 14 business days to maintain the accuracy of the Roll of the Association.

Eligibility for Registration

8(1) A person is eligible to be registered as a certified shorthand reporter if that person satisfies the Registration Committee that he

  • is a practising reporter,
  • is of good character and reputation, and
  • has
    • successfully passed the Alberta Shorthand Reporters Association’s Certified Shorthand Reporter examination,
    • successfully passed both portions of the National Court Reporters Association’s Registered Professional Reporter examination, or
    • been registered as a participating member for at least one year immediately before the date of the application, and
      • has graduated from a National Court Reporters Association recognized school of court reporting, or
      • has at least 5 years of work experience as a court reporter.

Renewal of membership

11(1)    The Association Registrar shall renew the membership of a certified shorthand reporter who

  • pays the annual fee provided for in the bylaws,
  • is in good standing with the Association, and
  • has earned the continuing education credits required under subsection (2).

(2)    A certified shorthand reporter who becomes initially registered under this Regulation shall earn at least 30 continuing education credits

  • by December 31 of the 3rd complete calendar year following the year in which the reporter is initially registered, and
  • during each period of 3 calendar years after the expiry of the period referred to in clause (a).


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Participating Membership / Certified Shorthand Reporter ($125.00), Associate Membership ($50.00), Student Membership ($0.00)